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Running throughout the day in parallel with the Vacuum Roadshow exhibition there will be a short programme of Vacuum Seminars. These will follow the successful format established at "Vacuum Expo" in Coventry last year and the seminars will feature on advances, techniques, technology comparisons, choosing your equipment for your next project and features to look out for in the fields of vacuum, in-vacuum, thin films; technologies, equipment and instrumentations.

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Ideal for professional development and further education these tutorials will suit someone who is new to vacuum industry as much as someone with knowledge of a particular technique who is wishing to improve their knowledge.

13.25 Introduction and Welcome
Laurence Devereux, Xmark Media
13.30 Sensing and feedback control in a vacuum environment
for improved process yields.

Dr Joseph Brindley, Gencoa
14.00 Vacuum deposition techniques for optical thin film systems.
Dr Joseph Brindley, Gencoa
14:30 Bridging the pressure gap: XPS from UHV towards atmosphere. Vacuum implications and challenges.
Rupert Smith, Scanwel
  The Exhibition will remain open until 5pm  

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